Arrivals and Departures


The Camp Registrar will assign campers a check-in time on the first day of camp, which will be sent to you well in advance. Please make arrangements to arrive at your designated check-in time, as it enables a faster and more efficient process for both campers and staff.

Early arrival is discouraged, because Camp Rotary staff need time to prepare the cabins and registration materials. Early arrivals may be turned away, and instructed to return at their assigned check-in time.

Uniformed Camp Rotary staff will be on hand to greet you and help carry your luggage, and registration numbers are distributed upon arrival. Registration takes place in our recreation hall building, which is called Sussex Station.

Once your camper’s number is called, you may enter the building and begin the registration process. Inside Sussex Station, you will be able to talk with our senior staff, the nursing staff, the lifeguard, and the canoe instructor, and you will meet a counsellor who will show the camper to his or her cabin and help with luggage. At the cabin, there is ample opportunity to talk to the counsellors who will be taking direct care of your camper.

It is important for parents and/or guardians to stay until the camper has registered. Please do not leave until this process is complete.

Parents will be asked to provide a visitors’ permission list during registration. Individuals who are not on this list will not be allowed to visit with your camper.


Campers must leave camp before 11 a.m. on departure day. This is important, because lunch will not be served and afternoon medications will be packed for transport. The staff cannot begin cleanup for the next session until their responsibilities to the campers have ended. If an unforeseen incident will delay your arrival, please phone ahead.

The person who is picking up the camper must sign the camper out and provide photo identification.