Camp Services

Camp Facilities

Camp Rotary is designed to accommodate the unique needs of its campers and staff. Over several decades, Camp Rotary has grown tremendously, and it now has many permanent buildings, including a recreation hall, a chapel, a dining lodge, and an administration building.

Our cabins are designed to provide for the safety and comfort for our campers. The washroom facilities are spacious and fully accessible. We also have a well-equipped infirmary.

Camp Rotary offers a complete swimming program in an outdoor heated swimming pool with specialized swimming equipment. The camp’s private beach is connected to the campsite by way of a tunnel beneath the road.

Our accessible playground, located in Centre Field, opened in the summer of 2011. The Inside Out, located over the tennis court, provides shade and protection from the rain. The Inside Out makes it possible to hold outdoor activities in all sorts of weather. An accessible pathway runs to and from the camp buildings.

Camp Activities

Everyone will find something fun to do at Camp Rotary. Campers can choose from a variety of programs directed by qualified instructors. Morning sessions include photography, environmental education, archery, swimming, canoeing, sports, and games. Afternoons and evenings are filled with creative programs that place an emphasis on teamwork and co-operation.

Our out-tripping program allows each cabin group to participate in an evening camping experience in the great outdoors. The campers stay in tents, take part in campfire activities, and learn outdoor cooking skills. Nature hikes are planned so that campers can experience the wonderful natural surroundings, and rainy-day activities are conducted in indoor locations so that campers can enjoy themselves, rain or shine!

Health & Hygiene

Camp Rotary recognizes the importance of health and health care in the camp setting.

A 24-hour infirmary is located near the cabins, and prescription medications are administered by our camp nurses. A full-time nursing staff is on duty all summer, and doctors and the local hospital are only minutes away. Our camp nurse is an RN with expertise in disability-related health matters.

All staff, including counsellors, hold current first-aid certification and have special health-care training. Camp Rotary policies prioritize health and safety during a camper’s stay at camp. Showers and daily hygiene are regularly scheduled to ensure camper wellness. By having their health needs met, our campers are free to enjoy the dynamic camp experience.

Food Services & Special Diets

The meals at Camp Rotary are prepared with nutrition in mind. We know that a lot of energy is used up playing sports and games, so there’s always plenty to eat to replenish much-needed energy.

We are sensitive to the dietary needs and allergies of our campers, and we are willing to make food substitutions as needed. Please consult camp counsellors or nursing staff on the day of your arrival regarding any dietary issues.

If your camper has need of significant dietary accommodation, please contact us in advance of camp so we can arrange everything with you.

Our kitchen staff can puree foods, and the staff are always available to assist with feeding at mealtime. If a camper has a special dietary requirement —soya milk or special non-wheat products, for example — please feel free to bring your preferred products to camp, and staff can distribute them at mealtime.