Leadership, Independence, Progression (LIP) Program

​Leadership, Independence,Progression Program (LIP)

The Leadership, Independence, Progression (LIP) program is for teens aged 16 to 25 who have a mild cognitive disability. The LIP program uses modular training techniques to encourage participants to learn a variety of skills. These activities include hands-on leadership activities, community volunteer events, independence training, and overnight group camping trips.

These activities enable the participants to learn essential leadership and independence skills and to realize their potential.

Program Objectives

Participation: Outdoor activities are designed so that participants can enjoy games and activities at their own pace.

Skill development: Participants are led through fun activities and challenges that promote independent living, leadership, and vocational skills.

Self-expression: Involvement in all activities encourages participants to develop transferable skills and interests that they can pursue year-round.

Independence: Participants spend time away from the parents or guardians on whom they depend. With the encouragement of trained camp professionals, this helps foster greater independence.

Sense of personal worth: Discovering abilities and overcoming the challenges associated with a disability are very important for participants. The camp atmosphere provides encouragement and moral support.

Socialization: Camp is a family atmosphere in which everyone works together to maintain positive relationships that can meet the various social needs of the participants.

Life and job skills: The LIPs will gain skills that will help them achieve independent living and obtain and maintain employment.

Note: it is strongly recommended that all applicants have previously attended at least one regular Camp Rotary session. If your applicant has not been to Camp Rotary before, our camp staff will call you for an in-depth conversation.

Dates: July 24 - August 6, 2022

Cost: $1 100.00

How To Apply: coming soon!